Zebra cake

Recently a friend of mine asked me if I could make some cake and cookies for her sons birthday. As it was a Knight-themed party and included a treasure hunt on the woods, it had to be sugar cookue coins and a castle-cake, easy to transport, suitable for kids and outdoors on a hot day. I started to look for inspirations and found a lot of cool looking stuff, but most of these cakes were neither transportable not suitable for kids. Plus I had to chose something I’d be able to do with a sore leg. After a lot of thinking it came down to the simplest solution: A square cake cut out as a 2D-castle. Zebra cake with sugar icing should do the trick.

Zebra cake castleThis cake is rather simple to make but has a stunning zebra-stripe effect, that makes sassy and unique. It tastes so good, is very moist but solid enough to cut it into shape. I’ve been doing a lot of those zebra cakes in my baking life, it was actually the first cake that I ever made all on my own. It is my mothers swiss-army-knife cake, suitable for every shape or occasion you can imagine, from Easter lambs over giant car-shaped birthday cakes to cake reindeers. I associate darn good memories with this cake though I haven’t been making it very often since I moved out of my Mums house. It’s the star at every Kiddie Party and even amazes grown ups. But shhhhh don’t tell them it is this easy! Continue reading »

Christmas Cookies Part 1

I know, I am quite early with this but… I set myself on diet for some time as I twisted my ankle once too many and suffer from a sports-ban until Christmas. So I won’t be baking much at all in the next time and thought it would be a good idea to blog some of the recipes of my repertoire.

This is the recipe that I’ve been loving all my live. When I was a kid, my Mom always prepared the dough a day in advance. The next day, every one of us got his share of the dough and was responsible for rolling it, cutting out cookies transferring them on the baking tray and decorating them. My Mom then took care of the baking and we had so much fun. Good old days 🙂

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