Me underneath the Kurumba coconut palm tree

Currently I feel like I ran out of energy, I’m dying to recharge my batteries. But when? Besides the wedding and the house construction time, energy and money are rare. All the invitations are out already, the confirmations come in one after the other, we had a test-dinner and talks with the priest, it seems that everything falls into place now as it is only 1.5 months to go ’til the wedding. The construction work still gives me a headache. Even though we are not doing anything ourselves, it seems that we both have to invest a whole lot of work, my partner even much more than I do. Beginning of last week I woke up and had a message of my “Maid of Honour” in my inbox, saying “go, check this blog you like, he’s writing about how to win a trip to the Maledives”. I was wide awake instantly. The sweet sound of H-O-L-I-D-A-Y, the thought of sea, sand and idling – like a dream come true! So from that day on I had nothing than coconut on my mind, sketching pictures of me underneath a coconut tree on the back of my used post-its. I have the feeling that anything that comes close to a holiday is far out of reach and I definately need a break. Bearing all this in mind I formed a plan for my entry to the competition. Continue reading »