Sometimes a simple misunderstanding can cause a whole lot of problems. Honestly if people would only take 10 minutes to sit together and talk instead of writing  e-mails, life could be so much easier. We had some troubles with a business partner and contractor and they were discussing heavily about some invoices and couldn’t agree on the sum to be payed. Everyone made a suggestion and not a single word was heard any more. My partner didn’t trust the silence and asked one of the party about the outcome of their discussion and the answer was not satisfying. After calling the other party and hearing that this person was very upset about the situation and willing to bring a legal adviser into the game, he almost freaked out. So he took over the role of a counselor and decided to bring  the two parties to one table in order to find a solution. In order to calm them down he asked me to make a cake. I decided to make my favorite apple cake with grandma’s recipe, which was very much appreciated by the receiver and -tadaa- they finally agreed after a face-2-face meeting. So let there be love, peace and cake! 

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World Baking Day

I don’t know if you knew that today is the World Baking Day. I only found out some days ago and decided to go for Level 99, because I love chocolate and strawberries. The recipe sounded tricky but doable so I decided I’d give it a try. It took me all day but finally the result was totally worth it. It looks as yum as it tastes! I wonder if I find a place where I can order this cake for the wedding.

World Baking Day 2013 Bake Brave Level 99 |

 World Baking Day 2013 Bake Brave Level 99 Cut |


Fruit SconesAs you might have read earlier I love scones. They are the perfect company for the Sunday afternoon tea. Scones need only few ingredients and are very fast to make.

I looked for Irish baking books on our round trip two years ago and I found the Avoca Tea Time book in the shop at Powerscourt Gardens and fell for it. Lots of those recipes made it to my personal favourites list. I’ve done the same recipe over and over again but this time it ruled, they turned out sooo good. Even the next day they were super light and delicious, so I’d like to share this with you.

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Cinnamon Marzipan Roll

Last weekend I Cinnamon Marzipan Rollfound a cube of fresh yeast in my fridge that was almost expired so I decided to surprise my boyfriend with a twisted roll, the first I ever made. It looked nicer in the Lecker magazine but it was very delicious. I know a lot of people that are afraid of yeast doughs because they heard it is difficult – it’s not! A yeast dough is pretty easy and most of the work is done by the yeast itself while you can put your attention on other important stuff 🙂 No aluminium, no draft, heavy kneading, no machines, pre-dough … there are tons of things that are common sense about yeast doughs and that may have scared you off. You can forget almost all of this (except for the draft), I swear, no lie 🙂



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