Christmas Cookies Part 1

I know, I am quite early with this but… I set myself on diet for some time as I twisted my ankle once too many and suffer from a sports-ban until Christmas. So I won’t be baking much at all in the next time and thought it would be a good idea to blog some of the recipes of my repertoire.

This is the recipe that I’ve been loving all my live. When I was a kid, my Mom always prepared the dough a day in advance. The next day, every one of us got his share of the dough and was responsible for rolling it, cutting out cookies transferring them on the baking tray and decorating them. My Mom then took care of the baking and we had so much fun. Good old days 🙂

Typical Butter cookies

3 eggs

250 g sugar

500 g flour

250 g butter

+ egg yolk and sugar decorations

Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy, then add half of the flour and mix well. Cut the butter in small pieces and add together with the rest of the flour. Knead all to a smooth dough. I usually divide the dough into 3 rolls and wrap each roll into plastic and let them rest in the fridge ’til the next day or at least some hours.

Sift some flour on your work surface and get the first dough roll out of the fridge. Chilled dough is better to process than warm dough, if it gets too soft, just let it chill in the fridge for some time. Evenly roll out the dough 0.5 cm thick (I use wooden spacers and a non stick rolling pin) and cut out cookies. Transfer the cookies to a baking tray with parchment paper . When the tray is full, brush cookie surface with egg yolk and add whatever decoration you want. You can also leave them plain with egg yolk and frost them afterwards with coloured sugar icing or chocolate.

Bake the prepared tray for 10 minutes with medium heat (175°C) until golden. Keep them in an airtight cookie tin to keep them fresh until christmas and for the nostalgic feeling in between.

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