My boyfriend asked me, if I can cater his farewell party with sweet and salty baked goods – the perks of a hobby baker as girlfriend 😉

So I took a day off and so did my best friend who deserves a million Thank Yous for being such a great friend, investing her freetime and being such a good help in the kitchen. To bake for over 40 people is very challenging in many ways. Not only the number of guests should guide your thoughts but also day and time play an important role. You never know if the people like more sweet or more salty stuff, whatever you do it’s going to be wrong any way… So don’t panic and make wise choices. Everyone has all-time favourites and standard recipes, stick to those and don’t experiment on such days.

We deciced to go for this:

  • Donauwelle (Donau waves, a German cake classic with cherries, cream and chocoalte)
  • Muffins (with chocolate splits and double chocolate)
  • Amerikaner (Americans, a German coffee time classic)
  • Brownie Bites
  • Mini Quiches
  • and we improvised some Cheese-Amaranth-sticks

We baked  more than half a day in order to finish up everything but it was totally worth it and we had a blast. In the end, the Quiches were gone in almost no time, the Donau waves were a fast seller and half of the brownies and muffins were left over.  Luckily I have some colleagues that had to work late anyway and were very happy about the left overs.

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