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You know, you browse a magazine, you have tons of books with recipes and you mark those, you like to try but hardly ever do. After I’ve been a little busy the last few months my resolution for 2013 2014 2015 is, to post more often and to try out new stuff. So be prepared to read about my experience with 12 new recipes out of this list. I will constantly add and cross out stuff, so stay tuned…

Still on:

  • 7 Layer Meringue Cake (Like Mam used to bake)
  • Banana Walnut Cookies (Lecker Magazine)
  • Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies (From Snugs Kitchen)
  • Caramel Apple Pecan Cheesecake (Magnolia)
  • Caramel Cupcakes
  • Carrot cupcakes with Orange Cream Cheese Icing (Primrose Cupcakes book)
  • Chocolate Brioche (Kitchen Aid cookbook)
  • Chocolate Banana Cupcakes (Primrose Cupcakes book)
  • Coffee Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream Icing (Primrose Cupcakes book)
  • Cronuts
  • Flapjacks (Avoca Tea Time)
  • Frances’ Pecan and Orange Marmelade Cupcakes (Primrose Cupcakes book)
  • Lime & Coconut Buttercream (Primrose Cupcakes book)
  • Mint-Chocolate-Sables
  • Mirror finish cake
  • Peanutbutter Cupcakes (Primrose Cupcakes book)
  • Peanut Toffee Muffins (Muffins Book)
  • Pear & Almond Scones (Avoca Tea Time)
  • Poppy Tartlets with orange cream (Lecker Magazine)
  • Scones (Cake Cafe Book)
  • Seville Orange Caraway Cake
  • Tiffins (Muffins book)
  • Toffeecream Cookies (Lecker Magazine)

Done 2015:

  • Key Lime Pie (Avoca Tea time) From Snugs Kitchen
  • Peanutbutter Chocolate & Seasalt Buscuits (Cake Cafe Book)
  • Trdelnik (a eastern european chimney cake)
  • Mokka pretzels (GU Baking)

Done 2014:

  • Being a fan of 2 Broke Girls I want me a Spring-break Chocolate beer batter cupcake with maple bacon frosting Done in Jan
  • Orange Cake (Cake Cafe Book) Done in Jan, yet to blog about
  • Chocolate Orange Cupcakes (Primrose Cupcakes book) Done in Feb
  • Kanelbullar (Lecker Magazine, curtesy of Jeany from Zucker, Zimt & Liebe <3) Done in April
  • Lemon Pear and Polenta Cake (Cake Cafe Book) Done in July
  • Macarons, maybe the dearest addition to my portfolio after I finally got them right
  • Chocolate cupcakes (Primrose Cupcakes book) Done as cake and as base for coffee buttercream
  • Earl Grey Cupcakes (Primrose Cupcakes book) made cute little base for graduation cupcakes
  • Lemon cupcakes (Primrose Cupcakes book) Done
  • Lemon Buttercream (Cake Cafe Book)

Done 2013:

  • Pear Walnut Brownies (Lecker Magazine) Made it to the baking list in January
  • Filled Scone Rolls (Lecker Magazine) Made it to the baking list in February
  • Peanutbutter Fudge (Lecker Magazine) *omnommnomm* February
  • Apple Szarlotka (polish apple cake) (Lecker Magazine) Done in March and yummy with the right apples!
  • Frankfurter Kranz Made one for gramp’s birthday in March. Made it to the baking list!
  • Carrot Cake (still looking for a Queen of Tart worthy recipe but will go for Avoca tea time first) Made it to the baking list in April
  • Coco Choco Cookies (Lecker Magazine) made them for the ESC Party in May and dumped the recipe
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes (Magnolia Bakery) A little late for the June entry I made the recipe for a colleague as a layer cake. It ended in a complete disaster. The cake was okay and the cream was super, but way too sweet for my taste. I’ll put some further investigation into the cream recipe to maybe substitute the convenience blend for the crown Cupcakes
  • Lemon Meringue Pie (Puddings book) Done in July and made it to the baking list
  • Three words that go so well together: Chocolate Truffel Torte (Mich Turner Book) Made it to the baking list in August
  • Scones with buttermilk & Lemongrass (Kitchen Aid cookbook) Done in September and did not like them at all
  • Plum frangipane (Lecker Magazine) Made it to the baking list in September
  • Chocoalte-Almond-Macaroons
  • Cranberry Shortbread stars
  • Nougat-Marzipan-Cookies

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