Strassbourg – Breakout

Cathedral StrassburgSome weeks ago I was off to a workshop with my department for 2 days and got a message from my best friend if I wanted to join her for a road trip. She booked a hotel in Strassbourg for us and we hopped into the car on that hot friday night. We arrived in Strassburg around 8, checked in and instantly began a stroll around town. I have been to Strassbourg before, it is a very beautiful city and luckily most of the people speak German. I learned French in school but that was what feels ages ago and I haven’t spoken much since that time. But as always, if you try others appreciate your attemps and help you out.

We did a little sightseeing downtown and went for a nice late dinner with the alsacian specialities like Cremant, Riesling, choucroute à l’alsacienne and tarte flambée. After dinner we ran into a light show on the front of the cathedral which rather impressive.


Angel Column inside cathedral Strassburg

After a long walk through the crowded streets of Strassburg at night we stumbled across a lot of cool shops on the way back to the hotel that we decided to visit the next day.  For those who don’t know yet: July is summer sale season in France, huge bargains garantueed! And we also had our share of coulture with visiting the cathedral with its beautiful gothic style, the pillar of angels, the window rose and astronamical clock. The city is very pretty with all those timberframed buildings and narrow streets in the old center. And as long as there is sun and water involved it feels like holiday. When there are also some palm trees  and all this comes with very nice food and savoir vivre, I’m totally on it.

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, there is no way around all those small Patisseries and bakeries. The French just know how to produce the best fine treats that you can imagine. Back in February in my Patisserie course I gained some insights on how much work it is to prepare those tiny delights that are eaten up way much faster than their prep time. While walking through the city and shopping in every store that had kitchen supplies we took a break at Patisserie Naegel. As there are so many, we just picked the one with the most impressive window. As you can see yourself on the pictures, it was really nice. I had a large raspberry macaron with buttercream while my friend tried the quiche, both were gorgeous and made a perfect finish for a perfect breakout. And make sure that on the way back you stop at a supermarket and buy tons of delicious stuff! Always!

summer in the city



window shopping at Patisserie NaegelMacaron at Patissere Naegel

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