#craicinatlantis day 4: Kilkenny > Cashel > Glengarriff

We hit the town that isn’t called Smithwicks after the complimentary breakfast. There is a well-known beer that you can get in Irish Pubs back home in Germany, but there it’s called something different, even though it originates from the same brewery in Kilkenny… While my friend dived into some culture and visited Kilkenny Castle, I went for a little shopping (Oh how I love the Irish summer sale) and had coffee in a café where I could charge my camera batteries. Like a pro I had forgotten the night before, but it wasn’t that bad as I hadn’t missed much in the medieval capital of Ireland. I had been before and not much had changed. Apart from one thing maybe, the newly opened branch of Murphy’s Icecream opposite the Castle. Ketty, the guide of the foodtour I took in Dublin suggested I could swing by every of the 6 branches and I kinda liked the idea. So we hopped in once they opened, Padraigh scooped me up with some Irish Coffee Icecream and exclaimed that Murphy’s in Kilkenny is the best of all.

Glengarriff Bay | schabakery.com

With icecream in hand we strolled along the medieval mile and found this gem of painted wall: Kilkenny Street Art | schabakery.com
Our next stop was the Rock of Cashel, where I had been before, too. But this time the construction work was done already. We walked around the rock and had a look from the outside, my travel partner had enough culture in the morning already so we didn’t bother to pay the entrance fee to just walk around. Instead we had a toasted special in a small cafe off the main road and did a little bit of shopping. The weather was dropdead gorgeous, not a single cloud in the sky.

Rock of Cashel | schabakery.com

Glengarriff Bay in Shorts

The initial plan was to drive all the way to the Mizen Head, Ireland’s most southwesterly point, but when we made it to Bantry and had to decide to turn left to Mizen Head or right towards our B & B in Glengarriff, we decided in favour of the latter. This turned out to be the best call we could have done. We arrived in Glengarriff, checked in, my friend changed into her shorts as it was a bright, sunny day and the friendly owner recommended us to take a stroll around the bay. We took the aquired icecream cones for a little walk that lasted about 2 hours for what we could have walked in 15 minutes. The area was just so beautiful, every turn the foodpath took reveilled another fantastic outlook on the bay, the small islands, boats, trees and pontoons.

Glengarriff Bay | schabakery.com Glengarriff Bay | schabakery.com Glengarriff Bay | schabakery.com Glengarriff Bay | schabakery.com Glengarriff Bay | schabakery.comTired from all the walking we shared some Fish’n’Chips in a local Restaurant. Sharing food does seem a little off to many waiters, as the Lady asked us in the most sarcastic way if we want to share the Coke my friend ordered as well… After food we headed straight back to the B&B to write, sort through pictures and get some well-deserved beauty sleep.

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