Chocolate Pudding

Okay, this isn’t baking and it’s dietary but it can be easily adopted for non-dieters! Have you ever made your own pudding? Some of you may ask yourself, why make any effort, just open the bag and stir it in some boiling milk. But I say: you can make your own bag, only very little effort and no odd additives. You can also prepare the mixed powder and keep it in an airtight box or make your own bags, give them to others as a present….

Chocolate Pudding Powder

4 g carob gum (or 15 g starch)

15 g dark cacoa powder

15-20 g erythritol (0 calories sugar equivalent) or 15 g sugar

This amount is enough for 400 ml Milk and makes a creamy and very tasty pudding. And it is also suitable for the Dukan diet 🙂

I fill the pudding in 150 ml pudding dishes and serve it with 2 tablespoons of low fat joghurt mixed with 1 tablespoon of quark cheese and 1 tablespoon of erythritol. Makes a perfect combination of sour quark-joghurt and chocolatey sweet pudding! This totally made my day!



Off topic… Diets!

I twisted my ankle once too many and need to waer a splint until December. So no sports, not too much walking and I have to take it easy 🙁 So I decided to go on a diet in order to fit into my Bridesmaids dress in December.I was never ever a diet person and never cared too much about food. I made my first diet last year and only started it to help a friend as a study volunteer for his bachelor thesis. My boyfriend and I took part in his study and did 6 weeks of a hardcore low carb diet – a hell of a trip…

I wanted to do Lowcarb or Atkins again, because I survived 6 weeks  last year and it worked ok for me (except for the moodyness…). So I went to the book store and looked for a recipe book, because eating the same stuff every day really made me go nuts last year. And I found this Dukan Diet Recipe book, that kind of caught me. I’ve heard of Dukan before and knew it was also a high-protein-low-carb diet like Atkins. The book was quite appealing so I bought the recipe book and some oat bran and started my diet on October 27th. The first days were easy, because it was weekend, I had the time to cook every meal and the fridge was full. With a list of allowed foods and with the help of the recipe book I went to shop for groceries. Dukan is a little different from the diet we did last year, because you are not supposed to eat much fat but you are allowed to eat low fat dairy products. I found it a little hard to figure out what other products I am allowed to consume that are not on the list, because some of them were mentioned in the recipes but I wasn’t sure how much of them was ok etc. So I had to do a lot of research on the web… Continue reading »