Holiday Recap

I spent my christmas holidays with friends in Goa. We were invited for a friends wedding at his wifes home. The wedding was beautiful and the family was very warm and welcoming. The best thing about it is, that we had the chance to experience some real goan family life and got to taste genuine, traditional, homemade foods and sweets. By the way: Thanks to the family for having us and welcoming us so warmly!

But let’s get to the sweets… As it was christmas, there were a lot of christmas treats and sweets to explore, all homemade.

  1. Plum Fruit Cake
  2. Dose – diamond shape (made from chana)
  3. Dodol (made of coconut rice & jaggery)
  4. Stollen
  5. Kormola (made of white flour, eggs, milk & sugar)
  6. Bebinca
  7. Banana chips
  8. Neurios ( pastry made of white flour and stuffing made of coconut diff. Dry fruit, nuts, semolina & sugar)




I had to try everything of course. My favourites are the Neurios, they taste like my coco macroons stuffed into pastry dough. Hopefully my new friend will teach me at least some of the stuff next winter.